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The most kinesthetic event that marks the turning of the season for me is the annual migration of the geese.  Have you seen them?  Sept. 25th the high pitched, soulful sound of thousands of them stopped me in my tracks.

So high in the sky, they were barely visible – the unmistakable v-formations spanning the sky, shape shifting like clouds as leaders fell back to let others take their place; small groups breaking off to fly behind. A grand, ongoing communication of support and teamwork.   What an awesome, somehow very intimate sight to behold!

There are, of course, other clear signs of fall – the fall equinox on Sept 22, the low-lying arc of the full moon that culminated on Sept 29, the last of the local farmer’s markets, The days, still so full of the warmth and bounty of summer, nonetheless are beginning to settle down; there is a stillness to the air – late afternoons are gentle, holding the light and warmth as long as possible, then noticeably shifting to cool, brisk evenings.

In the mountains, it is the ritual time of harvesting, of putting away, of preparation for the winter ahead. There is a rhythm to this season, and we humans respond in kind with a sense of connectedness and respectfulness towards the cycles of nature.

I love it all, with a sense of poignant gratitude and tender appreciation of what has been and what is. Because it will not last, because change is inevitable, let us right now pay attention and pay homage to this turning of the seasons and simultaneously, to the ripening  and fullness of our own seasons.


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A behind the scenes look at the faces you see at Directions-

 -our amazing staff,


 lovely models, frisky photographer and Emma!

This is Peg.

Co-creator in all things Directions, with a classic elegant style that translates into our  website and emails and stunning window displays.  A way with words, a quick wit and a heart of deep compassion.

A great lover of animals, who with her husband Todd share their lives with six very lucky special needs dogs.  Her website, www.shastacovedogs.com is delightful and a universal reminder of the joy of living in our simple, most happy natures.


This is Lillian

With her background in art and textile design and her own innate sense of beauty she accomplishes any project with grace and ease.

Thank goodness – she keeps us organized!  Nothing slips by her, and she gently reminds us to follow up on those ever present details!

Traveler, cook extraordinaire,  master gardener and lover of fine food, she, along with her husband Kent, grow and share with us the most wonderful organic garden with the first fresh produce of the season!



Owner of www.nadineaiellographics.com for 28 years, creator of her pearl jewelry line  www.shasta-organics.com, fine artist of mixed media with many shows to her credit, poet and photographer.  Her love of books inspired her to co-create www.covertwocover.org, an organization dedicated to raising funds to support our county public libraries.

She brings to Directions her enthusiasm for community, her unfailing artistic eye and her deep commitment to honoring spirit and celebrating life.


Here is Margaret

With a wonderfully grounding presence, she brings a straightforward approach and gentle matter of fact wisdom to our working world.  A jewelry artist who designs with beads, pearls and precious stones, she also enjoys drawing and painting, and brings this lovely design sense to all her displays at Directions.

She loves gardening, learning Italian, playing kitten mother, and is enjoying a rekindling interest in playing the harp.


Meet Lisa

Lisa graciously agreed to model for our fall/winter photo shoot on the Directions website.  It was her first time-  she is a natural, and we are delighted with the results!

She’s lived in Mt. Shasta with her husband and 2 year old daughter Iva since 1998.  She runs an environmental consulting firm, focusing on managing water quality improvement projects for non-profit organizations.


This is Robyn

You may have seen her on our website before. Her natural grace and sophistication are always reflected in her photos;  we feel so fortunate that she has joined us many times in the past few years.

She grew up in Mt. Shasta and has been a medical transcriptionist at Mercy Medical for over 10 years. Mother of a teenager and wife of an outdoor enthusiast, she considers a perfect day to consist of a hot beverage, British television, snuggling up to Lorenzo, her long haired chihuahua, and “buying herself a new purse at Directions!”


Where would we be without Taryn??

Vivacious, energetic, talented and so much fun, she is the photographer behind most of  the images you see on our website and in our emails. Her website, www.photographybytaryn.com, has a wonderful portfolio of her prolific work.

A loving, caring soul with a great work ethic and strong family ties, she and her husband are joyfully raising  two young boys.


Oh – this is Jane (me)

I’m  the owner of Directions. It’s my great good fortune to work with these wonderful women.  They fill my daily life with laughter, love, wisdom, artistry and grace.  As the year 2011 draws to a close, and I look ahead to 2012, I’m filled with such gratitude for each of them and all of you. Thank you, thank you!


And let us not forget….

To see more images, go to our website www.directionsmtshasta.com/

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This magnificent mountain!

Could anyone ever tire of looking at Mt. Shasta?

Mt. Shasta from Vista Point

Not I!

The mountain greeted me at about sunset one evening as I was coming up

the Sacramento River canyon from the south.

The clouds parted and I pulled over, grabbed my camera and wow!

The sight was so spectacular

that one driver came to a near standstill on the freeway,

one hand on the wheel and the other aiming a camera/cellphone

to capture a picture of that breathtaking moment.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Doesn’t it seem that frequently

we are generously gifted these moments in clear unmistakable ways?

Other times, the gifts are more subtle, almost invisible, but palpably felt,

and ask us to pay very close attention in order to bear witness to them.

* * * * * * * * * *

How fortunate we are to live close to this mountain,

this constant, wondrous expression of nature’s  immense power and beauty!

Mt. Shasta from Vista Point

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What a concept! A FREE community service “Plates for People and our Planet” is the brainchild of Cheryl Boerger.  She provides up to 200 washable plates and flatware for our local events, fundraisers and meetings.  No more throw away tableware from your event!  I love this idea and it makes such sense.  I first enjoyed using the real plates and flatware AND linen napkins at a local event this summer and just this past weekend hosted a gathering in which we benefited from this cool service  (sans the brand new white linen napkins which I was reluctant to sully in an informal outdoor setting).

The service  is very easy to use – the plates and flatware are conveniently packed and  Cheryl is very accommodating, cheerful and states that delivery and cleanup are available.  To me, that seemed a bit over the top for a free service but there are probably circumstances when that would be appropriate.  She provides simple care and cleanup instructions which she titles “The Down and Dirty of Plates for People.” Cheryl can be reached at (530) 926-0304.

I would encourage a healthy donation if you utilize the service.  Cheryl says that donations will help her build up her inventory so more people can take advantage of the service. Great idea, simple solution.  Such a  community. Thank you, Cheryl!

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As I said in a previous post, my  co-workers are so much a part of what Directions has become.  For their contributions to the store, and for the choices and commitments they make in their private lives, I am deeply inspired and appreciative.  For example, Peg and her husband have for years been dedicated to providing a loving, open space for homeless and health challenged dogs to live. They are committed to sharing life with these animals and to help them regain their health, in a safe and nurturing environment.  To learn more and to read about the remarkable relationship they have with the animals, do look at their website   Shasta Cove Dogs

Most recently, the online magazine “Bark” chose to post a moving tribute that Peg wrote about Cody, who recently passed on.  If we ever wonder how best to live our lives, read this and share it with others! http://thebark.com/content/cody-cahill

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Steep learning curve

Here we are, almost 2 weeks into the new year.  Don’t we always wonder what the new year will bring?

A wise teacher also poses this critical question – what will WE bring to it?

It’s our approach, don’t you think, that ultimately determines the happiness we all wish for ourselves and each other?

At Directions, we are launching into the new year with fresh enthusiasm.  Thanks to the remarkable resources that our Siskiyou County’s JEDI offers, we are tippy toeing into the world of blogging and social media.  With beginner’s mind and flagrantly fearless – off we go!

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